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Book Lover's Holiday Hop.

December 4th to 10th 

Hosted by Kathy from I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and co-hosted by Maryann from Chapter by Chapter

Huzzah! This is the first time I decided to participate in a giveaway hop. And brace yourself, because I'm not offering ONE but FIVE ARCs of Scarlet Woods, book 1 of the Scarlet Woods trilogy by a debut author, Brooke Passmore. 

This is what she said about her book; "It is a young adult romance novel mixed with history and fantasy in the old south."

Not convincing enough? How about I show you the book cover and the full synopsis of Scarlet Woods

Past, future, and love all exist in the door through time.
Modern and independent seventeen year old Morgan Westbrook thought she had seen all there was to her home town of Scarlet, Georgia, but one day while walking in the woods behind her house she discovers a mysterious door masked behind the trees. After admiring the door’s timeless beauty she walks through its entrance to venture into more woods, but what she doesn’t know is that the door is a gateway through time that takes her back to the year 1863 during the days of the Civil War in Scarlet.
Without knowing that she had traveled back in time, she stumbles upon Danny Carson, an attractive young man who is appalled to see that Morgan is wearing skimpy modern clothes instead of a nineteenth century dress. Although they find each other completely different than anyone they’ve ever known, they cannot help but feel drawn to one another. After spending time in another century, she discovers that she's time traveled back to the year 1863 and that the door took her there. For months she and Danny journey back and forth through the door to experience the joys of traveling to both of their centuries. When dilemmas of unwanted marriage, slavery, and war are thrown at them, they must face the perils that time travel has delivered them in both the future and the past.

A little bit about the author;

I love to smile and I rarely am in a bad mood, unless my dvr didn't record Vampire Diaries. I am someone who tries to see the beauty in all things. If you really knew me you'd know that I've been obsessed with writing stories ever since I could hold a pencil. Give me a story with a captivating romance whether it be a comedy, thriller, action, or drama and I most likely will have seen/read it already.

All you have to do to enter is fill out the rafflecopter form below. Good luck!  

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Thanks for the giveaway!

Thanks to Brooke Passmore for sponsoring the prize! I just had to organize it. Hehe

Thanks for the chance to win! The book looks great.

I just have to say I LOVE your use of rage faces for a rating system. That's so smart. I love rage faces and rage comics. I wish I had thought of that. No worries though, I'm not a jerk so I wont steal it; no matter how much I want to. =)

Hi Brooke,

Thanks for participating in the giveaway. I just started the rage comic styled-rating system recently. Although I'm into rage comics since more than a year ago! ^_^

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