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Okay guys, NO MORE EXCUSE FOR NOT READING THE GRIMM PREQUELS YET because the partayyy has arrived!

Hmm...I feel like throwing a dancing gif, so here it is

Oh, come on! You know me, don't ya?
So, here's what the author of the Grimm Prequels and the upcoming Snow White Sorrow, Cameron Jace had to say;

I am not sure if this event should be called palooza, but what the heck, it feels like a party:)

The Grimm Prequels from 1 to 5 will be FREE for 5 days from the 20th of September until the 24th. Each day, a new prequel will available for free on amazon.com's kindle, including the latest Mary Mary Quite Contrary.

For those who have been reading the series, I suggest you download the newer versions of the previous prequels too ( you will have to delete your older version on your kindle in order to do that ) because the newer versions are professionally edited, with added/removed parts that tighten the novellas, and have my author's notes at the end of every prequel explaining some references and where the ideas came from.

Please make sure you remember the dates because each book will only be free for 24 hours:
1) Thursday 09/20/2012 : Snow White Blood Red.
    Get it FREE HERE:

2) Friday 09/21/2012 : Ashes to Ashes and Cinder to Cinder
    Get it FREE HERE

3) Sunday 09/22/2012: Beauty Never Dies
    Get it FREE HERE

4) Saturday 09/23/2012: Ladle Rat Rotten Hut
     Get it FREE HERE

5) Monday 09/24/2012 : Mary Mary Quite Contrary
    Get it FREE HERE

for a reminder a day before the event you can attend the event on goodreads http://bit.ly/UXN0Ye 

MEANWHILE, the 3rd free GIVEAWAY of any kindle book of your choice is still on.
you can just click the link below to enter. For more information, visit http://cameronjace.blogspot.com.au/


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