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Showcase Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by Vicky at Books, Biscuits and Tea. Its aim is to showcase our newest books or book related swag and to see what everyone else received for review, borrowed from libraries, bought in bookshops and downloaded onto eReaders this week.

Admittedly, I was too excited last week when I finally have my mid semester break, so I had a little manic episode by requesting way too many ARCs and review copies. So, this week I had to tone it down because IT'S NOT LIKE I DON'T HAVE ANY ASSIGNMENT TO DO THIS HOLIDAY!!!


Yup, I do feel better now.

So, sorry if my book haul this week sounds like the most boring Showcase Sunday post ever.

Review Copies 
Book title, author and source (from left to right)
1. Phantom by Laura DeLuca (source: from blog tour)
Yup, another Phantom of the Opera inspired book. When will I get tired of retellings?!
2. Whisper's Edge (Whisper Walker, #2) by London Cole (source: from blog tour)
Funny because I didn't know that this is book 2 before signing up for the tour. I trust Goodreads and it betrays me! (GR librarians, take note of this.)

1. Blood Soaked Promises (Blood and Snow #4) by RaShelle Workman
Apparently, this is book number 4, and I don't have book 1, 2 and 3. Nevermind, as long as it's free. Weeeee!!


Great haul, hope you enjoy your books. Maybe they'll give you book one for the tour too if you let them know you haven't read it. I hate when that happens :(

Ooh Phantom has a really cool cover. I hope you enjoy it! I've heard some good things about Rashelle Workman's books so I'll need to check that series out. Great haul this week! :)

Damn real life getting in the way of reading! Enjoy your books.

@ Suzanne: Yup, I've got the first book already! But I have to jump straight to Book 2 because I'm on tight reading schedule. :(

@ Sam: Woohoo! Sam is paying a visit to my blog. Nah, sadly I didn't enjoy Phantom as much as I was hoping.

@ Ellie: Haha! Shouldn't it be reading getting in the way of real life? But yeah, painful death to those assignments!!

Ooh nice looking books, all of them have pretty covers too :) Enjoy them, even though some are later parts of a series!

Nice books! They all look good reads, especially Phantom! :)

Happy Reading :)

My Showcase Sunday :)

New follower :)

Phantom looks great!! :) I hope you'll enjoy it!

@ Kelsey: Heeee...thank you!

@ Alex: Followed you too! Nice blog XD

@ Vicky: Nah, Phantom was okay. I finished reading it already. :/

Looks like you need to catch up on a few books before starting these. I've done this before, where you get a book only to realize it's the 3rd or 4th in the series. Lol! Nice haul Zuleeza and thanks for visiting The Readers Den. I love your line "A socially awkward penguin by day, a ninja assassin book reviewer by night..." cute!

I'm going to follow you by GFC. :)

Believe it or not, I've actually never heard of ANY of these! WHISPER'S EDGE looks awesome, though, and I can't wait to hear what you think about it. :)

Enjoy all your books!

P.S. Don't worry--I'm sure we all have boring Showcase Sundays now and then. ;)

@ Rachel: Thanks so much for visiting. I stalk The Readers Den for quite sometimes but only now I start to leave comments on your site! ^_^

@ Megan K: No worries. I also never heard of them before I signed up for the blog tours! :)

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