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Mercy by Rebecca Lim
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Mercy ′wakes′ on a school bus bound for Paradise, a small town where everyone knows everyone else′s business -- or thinks they do. But they will never guess the secret Mercy is hiding ....
As an angel exiled from heaven and doomed to return repeatedly to Earth, Mercy is never sure whose life and body she will share each time. And her mind is filled with the desperate pleas of her beloved, Luc, who can only approach her in her dreams.
In Paradise, Mercy meets Ryan, whose sister was kidnapped two years ago and is now presumed dead. When another girl disappears, Mercy and Ryan know they must act before time runs out. But a host of angels are out for Mercy′s blood and they won′t rest until they find her and punish her -- for a crime she doesn′t remember committing ...
An electric combination of angels, mystery and romance, MERCY is the first book in a major new series.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO...was the first word I muttered when I finished reading this book. Can't the author have some 'mercy' for her readers?

I don't know about other people but I wished there are more background story about Luc, Mercy and Uri was explained. It's mean you see, having read all 280 pages of this book and left feeling like this book is some sort of an episode from CSI i.e Ryan, Carmen, Lauren are just characters for an episode, filling in for a side story.

But I have to admit that the writing was impeccable i.e words crafting: Asian level. Oh, I think the author is indeed at least partly Asian right? Her writing skill is beyond standard. For the first few chapters, I thought I had another Unearthly-like blockbuster in my hands but the admiration dissolved after a hundred or so pages.

I'm still not sure if I like the idea of 'less romance' strategy in this book but it's definitely refreshing to have the female lead noting the features of the male characters simply because she likes beautiful things.

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