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Showcase Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by Vicky at Books, Biscuits and Tea. Its aim is to showcase our newest books or book related swag and to see what everyone else received for review, borrowed from libraries, bought in bookshops and downloaded onto eReaders this week.

Today's Showcase Sunday is the most special yet for me because for the first time, I RECEIVED SIGNED NOT ONE BUT TWO PAPERBACKS!!!

1. (Signed) Slammed and Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover
Aah...I think I drooled on them a bit. Colleen Hoover is among the most wonderful authors I had the pleasure to interact directly. If you are interested, you may check out my review of Slammed, here.


1. Spark (Elemental, #2)
ELEMENTAL! My favourite guilty pleasure series so far. I know I have to have this because there'll be a lot of Nick in it! (No, I don't care much about Gabriel).

Review Copies

1. Timeless (Transcend Time, #3) by Michelle Madow
I didn't rate the previous books quite high but I'm estatic for Timeless anyway! The series makes me feel like a fifteen years-old girl all over again! ^_^
2. Venom (Secrets of the Eternal Rose #1) by Fiona Paul
I've been eyeing this long enough and finally I have the chance to read it! Gorgeous cover, eh?

3. The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken
What happened to the cover with the girl? I couldn't find it anywhere! I like that one better. :(
4. The Faerie Guardian (Creepy Hollow #1) by Rachel Morgan 
I've heard a lot of good things about the separate novella. So, that's a good start!


1. Whispers in Autumn (The Last Year #1) by Trisha Leigh
I lost count of how many dystopian books I have in my disposal
2. Her Sweetest Downfall (Forever Girl Journals, Ophelia) by Rebecca Hamilton
Rebecca Hamilton. I think I will remember her name forever (The Forever Girl, get it?) due to the controversy. But since it's free, I thought it doesn't hurt to see what kind of author she truly is.

3. The Charmer (Darklands #1) by Autumn Dawn
Blech. I wish the title font was managed better because that cover is just amazing!

What books did you get this week? Link me up!
And don't forget I'm still running two giveaways.


Michelle's book has an interesting cover - I quite like it! And I still need to read her previous books.
I hope you enjoy all of them! :)

Spark and Venom look so good. Lovely haul, enjoy :)

Looks like a great haul of books! And yay for your signed books, that's always exciting! Happy reading :)

Gotta love signed books! Nice haul this week.

Here's my Shocase sunday with my Birthday Haul!


I can't wait to read the Darkest Mind! It looks so good! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Check out my Haul! Letterbox Love!

@ Vicky: Not sure if I should recommend Michelle's books or not! I read them when I'm in the mood for fluffy reads to be honest! XD

@ Katya: I sure hope I'll do! ^_^

@ kit: Very exciting indeed. I got teary eyes when I opened the parcel!

@ alwys4evr: Thank you for visiting. :)

Signed books and freebies! It doesn't get better than that! Enjoy!

My Added to the Bookshelf post!

♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

I have heard great things about Venom, I can't wait to read. Great haul, so many books I can't wait to read.

Kristin @ Young Adult Book Haven

Great book haul I want to try Venom the cover is so pretty. Hope you enjoy your new books :)

Nick is my favourite Merrick too! Well, I say that, but it changes all the time... ;) I enjoyed Spark A LOT. I hope you like it too. A yay for signed books! I keep meaning to start Slammed one day. :) awesome haul.

Good haul this week. I really want to read Venom. It looks like such a good read. Thanks for stopping by.

@ Annabelle: No worries! ^_^

@ Mellissas: Thanks for stopping by! Congrats on your wedding.

@ Kristin: Welcome to Showcase Sunday! Hope you'll enjoy the meme.

@ Kate: Yup. I'm always a sucker for masquerade-themed cover.

@ Sam: Yay for NICK! Good to know you enjoyed Spark a lot. Haha.

@ Sheika: Not a problem!


Must admit that I haven't heard of these books, but there's a lot of nice covers there PLUS a signed book.


Hi! Thanks for dropping by. That's okay if you haven't heard any of these. I bet we have different taste in books, that's why! ^_^

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