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The Whispers of the Sprite (The Whispers #1)
When Ania moves from London to Swansea city in Wales she is hoping that her life will get a bit more exciting, after all she is running away from her controlling mother to taste more freedom and feel more independent. Everything seems to be going the way she wanted until she almost dies while taking a quiet walk around the beach in the late evening.
When she opens her eyes, nothing seems the same...
She starts seeing people that no one else is able to notice. An enchanting looking man keeps following her and Ania’s life seems to getting more exciting than she ever wished for. 
After the attack something changes inside her, she has been blessed with the new frightening gift of seeing and hearing sprites all around her... the magical creatures that only existed in folklore, myths and legends of Britain.
Gabriel is attractive and handsome but no ... he is not a vampire. He keeps coming back and Ania feels an instant connection between them but this might get her into more trouble. Supernatural romance is not on her mind right now.
Because he is forbidden to even touch her ... the line between the death and love has never been so thin and the sprites won’t stop whispering until ... she will choose to love or abandon Gabriel. 

The Whispers of the sprite - the first book in the Young adult paranormal romance series, 
(The Whispers series)
If you looking for a fresh new urban fantasy romance filled with folklore, myths, legends, fairies and magic then this is the one to keep an eye on. 
This is a young adult paranormal romance which includes violence and sexual scenes recommended for ages sixteen and up.
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Guest Post:

The Internet is filled with various legends and stories about fairies. After reading so many paranormal romance novels  I wanted to write a  similar kind of book, that  was original and compelling with a heroine that can stand up for herself. Of course there had to be a paranormal element in it.  I researched the market on Amazon and noticed that there were so many books about vampires; so I had to think about something diverse. Whilst researching the Internet I came across changelings and fairy legends. I read a few books that analyzed the old brother Grimm’s tales which gave me inspiration to create my characters. I tend to just write what comes to my mind rather than plan the story.  I knew what kind of leading male character I wanted so I created Gabriel, typical cliché man, tall, handsome with magnificent blue eyes. I thought about fairies for a while and did more research; I found a few different names and decided to choose a Sprite. I finished my first draft, editing until I was happy.  ‘The Whispers of the Sprite’ is a very romantic story which includes violence and forbidden love. The main character tries to break away from her controlling mother, so she leaves London and moves to Swansea in Wales. Ania is originally from Russia, but she has been living in the UK for over six years, she is a normal girl, she tried to keep to herself until the fatal night in Swansea.  The story starts from there, where Ania’s life shifts suddenly, she begins to see Sprites and she is the only human able to see them.
British folklore is always interesting; there are so many legends in England, Wales and Scotland to explore so you will never run out of the ideas but you will always have to research. I am looking forward to completing the Whispers Series. I am hoping to write four books in total and then I have got something else in mind; more violence, gritty, and quirky tale, more for adult readers rather than teenagers.


The light warms a quiet city and is consumed by the looming arrival of darkness. The noise of the sea nearby calms me down. It's after 9pm when I cross the street and enter the sandy seaside, inhaling the air deep into my lungs. I take off my shoes and socks; the sensation isn’t unpleasant when my bare feet touch the cold sand. I notice that the temperature dramatically decreases and I have to zip up my jacket. The cold air attains me so suddenly. I gasp as the saltiness of the sea air catches in my throat. It suddenly feels too thick and somehow intimidating. But the sound of the waves crashing against the shore soon relaxes me. The sea always makes me feel better, more peaceful and tranquil. The beach is enclosed by gloom. The light from the streetlamps shines on the pathways, but the light doesn't reach the beach.
I think about my new life and my mother back in London. Everything is going as I imagined it. My close friend, Gosia, promised to visit me shortly and I am hoping to make few more friends.  Gosia is Polish and only recently started a PhD in Environmental Science. She still lives a very hectic life in London.
 Shockingly my phone hasn’t rung; normally my mother would call me to check if I am all right. It's strange not to feel controlled by her. I walk towards the sea, the air is stimulating yet I am enclosed by absolute darkness. For some reason everything seems to be bizarrely similar to that late night in London when I heard the noises on the street but I quickly tune out those memories.  My feet reach the water and I shiver, the sea is freezing cold but I enjoy the touch.
I start to feel unbearably cold. The thought of going home flashes through my mind but my next step is regrettable; suddenly I feel rendering pain in my right leg. I stop and search for my mobile as a source of light to find out what has just happened. I am in agony and then the screen of my phone indicates that there is broken glass embedded in my skin, a thick dark red fluid covers the sand. I gasp, feeling surrounded by the electrifying thick air. I suddenly notice someone else standing close to me, which makes me jerk back, and the pain in my foot increases. I grind my teeth together and point the light from my phone on the person standing in front of me. It’s a man but I can't see his face clearly. My breathing changes, his closeness to me frightens me and my mind is screaming to get out of here but I can't seem to move. Then he is right next to me and within a few seconds I am lying on the sand; I feel pain spreading all over my body, sand in my mouth and then more penetrating pain evolving inside me so suddenly that I pass out.

Author Bio:

Joanna Mazurkiewicz was born in Poland. She moved to United Kingdom when she was only nineteen and just finished high school. She had aspired to be a writer upon completion of the Harry Potter series but also enjoyed reading books like ‘Gone with the Wind’, ’Animal Farm’ and ‘The doll’. She graduated from Swansea University with a bachelor degree in American Studies. While studying in the UK she made a decision to start writing fiction in English.
The “Whispers of the Sprite” is her first debut novel and she is currently working on the second book in the series. Joanna lives in Cowbridge, a small town in South Wales near Cardiff with her boyfriend Bruce. She enjoys cycling around Welsh countryside some of which has become the settings in her first series. Website / Twitter / Goodreads


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