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Welcome to the Virtual Blog Tour for LIBERA ME, Book #2 in the Requiem Series by Christine Fonseca.
Beginning after Lacrimosa and the short story Mea Culpa, Libera Me follows Zane and Aydan as they try to figure out who Nessa really is. Here's the blurb:

What happens when everything you’ve sacrificed for is lost? Aydan thought Nesy’s death would be the end of him, until he meets Nessa and his hope is restored. Could she be Nesy reborn? He is certain she must be. That is, until her lack of memories and incessant nightmares begin to erode his faith.
Zane is used to trusting his mind, his wisdom and his angelic senses. But these attributes are no help with Nessa. He has no way to be certain of her identity, no way to know the truth. That is, unless he listens to the one thing he has refused to acknowledge throughout his existence - he feelings for Nesy. 
Blind to both angel and demon, Aydan and Zane must figure out the truth behind Nesy's identity before all is lost, Azza discovers the truth and the Beast is again unleashed. 
The lines between good and evil have never been so blurred.

Libera Me officially releases October 30. And be sure to check out the other books in the series:


DIES IRAE (Free from Amazon and Smashwords)

MEA CULPA (Free from Amazon and Smashwords)

Introducing Nessa
Thanks so much for hosting a leg of my tour today! I’d like to introduce you to the chracter that is the center of the mess in Libera Me – Nessa:

Decidedly human, Nessa is the human embodiment of the Sentinal Nesy. At least, Aydan thinks she is. In truth, he doesn’t know. No one knows. Nessa believes herself to be a girl that was abducted as a young child, subjected to horrific cruelties and abuses and now returned to her previous life. She has no memories of a time before living with a woman she believes is her aunt. No recollection of a life Aydan has told her about. And, she’s not sure she wants any part of that life.

Zane, too, believes Nessa to be Nesy. But, even he has to admit that she isn’t what she appears to be. She has no memory of being angelic, nothing to indicate she is more than human. Except, she can see Zane and the other angels. And she knows the ancient prayers. Still, something isn’t right. Not even close.

To get to know Nessa a little more, I thought I’d invite her to stop by and answer just a couple of questions:

1.      What do you think about Aydan and the life he tells you about? I love Aydan and his devotion to me. But, I don’t remember the life he speaks of, or the love we shared. I know that he makes me feels special, safe. And I know that he sincerely loves me. For now, that is enough. But I worry about our future. What if my memories don’t return? What if I am not the girl he thinks I am? These are the questions that plague my heart now.
2.      I hear you can see things others can’t. What do you think about that? It scares me, actually. Most of the time I think it’s just my mind playing tricks on me; you know, from all of the abuse I endured. But other times...well, other times I am fairly certain I’m just crazy. I mean, who actually sees things that aren’t there other than being with a mental illness, right? So yea, these visions or whatever they are scare me. A lot.

3.      What does your aunt and therapist think about your lack of memories? Both my aunt and my therapist think that I must have endured years of systematic abuse and the lack of memory is my brains way of protecting me. They are probably right. I just know that I remember nothing before standing on the porch of my aunt’s house, knocking on the door!

4.      What’s your biggest fear? Biggest hope? I have a lot of hopes and fears. But as it relates to Aydan, my biggest fear is that I will never remember the “Nesy” he speaks of and that I am nothing to him if those memories don’t surface. Worse, what if they do and I am just not that girl. My biggest hope is that he will love me regardless.

5.      What do you dream about? I don’t have dreams, I have nightmares. The scenes are always the same, alternating between an ancient world with caves set deep within a mountain that flanks a majestic blue sea, and a misty forest filled with stone ruins and the scent of rotting flesh. In both, I see horrific things I can’t bring myself to talk about aloud. In both, I feel a sense of terror that has no words. I really don’t like to sleep anymore...don’t like what the sleep brings.

So, there you have it – an introduction to Nessa. You will have to decide for yourself if she is Nesy or not.

About Christine:

School psychologist by day, critically acclaimed YA and nonfictionauthor by night, Christine Fonseca believes that writing is a great way to
explore humanity. Her many titles include TRANSCEND, DIES IRAE, LACRIMOSA, MEA

When she’s not writing or spending time with her family, she canbe sipping too many skinny vanilla lattes at her favorite coffee house or
playing around on Facebook and Twitter. Catch her daily thoughts about writing
and life on her blog.
For more information about Christine Fonseca or theseries, visit her website –
http://christinefonseca.com or her blog
To celebrate to release and thank her readers, Christine is hosting a little contest honoring each of the main characters. Prizes include a new release YA book, Book swag, and even some of her own titles. She is also giving a Kindle as part of her Fall Release Party. Check out both giveaways below.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


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