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Okay, now for a random rambling. I'm positive that August 2012 had to be the busiest, most chaotic (hellish even) month in my undergraduate studies.

But YA market is now swarming with so many new releases that I've been dying to read!!!

Can you imagine that all these are out in August? And I barely have time to read them all for now?


I know!!
I especially want to get my hands on Lost Girl and Auracle!
I am a new follower of yours!
We are also on the same Crewel Street Team! Yay!
If you could follow me back that would be great!

Hi Jill!

Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. Followed yours too! ^_^

The worst is most of them are the sequels/prequel of my favourite series. :(

i wish i could get all . day dreams

Yup, I wish I can read at superhuman speed :(

Throne of Glass looks sooo good!

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