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Neophyte by Emmalee Aple
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Addisyn White thought she had her new life, her after life, all figured out. Granted death had not brought her to the pearly white gates, she hadn’t even left Earth. But death had its perks; she got to live forever with her best friend and her assigned Link of Angels, in a beautiful beach house. Even with the changes she was going through to turn her human body into an angelic one, everything seemed pretty easy. Until a gray winged angel comes into her life, then all the secrets and lies her Link had been keeping start crumbling away, exposing a whole new world of dangers she didn’t even know about.
Now Addisyn must fill in the blanks before things escalate too far. Will she save her Link? Or will she be buried in their secrets forever?

Okay, my mom once taught me that when people give you free stuff, say thank you, no question asked regardless whether the thing you got is beneficial or not to you.

So dear author Emmalee Aple, I am very grateful for your generosity. But in exchange for an honest review, I had to give your book a 1 star because Neophyte wasn't a great experience for me. I tried, like, I honestly tried to finish reading it but no, it's really hard when you simply didn't care much about what happened to any of these characters.

So, confession time. The book has about 500 pages or so on my e-reader, I read only until about page 261...about halfway.

Honestly, I think I could tolerate or even enjoyed this book if I never read Unearthly, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and Angelfall. I wish I can be unbiased but it's virtually impossible not to compare any angel books with that three holiest of holiest angel books.

The premise was very promising, I'd give the author that. Like, how if you died a noble death, you may be reincarnated as an angel. The concept of unclaimed, blooming, Link, period of time before you become a full-blown angel...this book had so much potential, you see.

The book started with some butt-kicking actions despite it was executed a bit messily. And I thought, 'okay, you have my attention, please continue to amaze me'. But the moment never came. Maybe once. Nowhere near the testosterone-fueled opening scene, but the part which we learn about Greysan's past life was very interesting.

Apart from that, suffice to say that the first half of the book revolved around how her Link tried to protect Addisyn from the truth, how Addisyn was pretty mad about that yada yada. And oh, don't forget the typical prom scene which need to be included in every Young Adult book!!! :3

*sigh* Sorry if my sarcasm is offensive but I believe we can still write a young adult without any prom scene mentioned.

My biggest deterrent from finishing this book most likely was Addisyn herself. At some points, she did admit that she can't continue being this irrational, hormonal teen. But the next thing you know, she was being her old annoying, clingy, immature self. And her major crush on Greyson was very tiring to read. She practically chasing over him like an obsessed fangirl.

I think that's all for now. I may elaborate later with actual quotes from the book and some seizure-inducing gifs.

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Hey, you made it halfway; you definitely gave it a chance at least. :)

Yea...I guess you're right. I hope I'm not too harsh on the author.

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